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Copying Older Version Actions into Studio Pro 2018.

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  • Copying Older Version Actions into Studio Pro 2018.

    This post started as a question, but I found the answer and maybe it will help others.

    I just upgraded from Pro 9 to Studio Pro 2018. The upgrade only imported a couple of my personally created actions. I looked in the Pro 2018 HELP file for info on where the actions were stored and found this at the bottom of the Actions page: "To Share a Recording:
    1. Navigate to C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\ACD Systems\Actions\
    2. Select and copy your desired recording.
    3. Share the .acda file using the method of your choice. For example, you can attach it to an email."
    After searching my PC I found the Actions folder for Pro 9 and copied the old actions into Pro 2018. They seem to work fine in the newer application. Just make sure you don't copy over some of the new actions with older ones that have the same name.

  • Edvard
    I did not do anything to transfer my actions from 9 to 2018. I found all the actions under TOOLS / Action / Uncategorized

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  • GusPanella
    Great find. Thanks for sharing this!
    I quickly went into the directories to find the .acda files and they were all there. I then tried to open a file with my favorite text editor in hope that I could edit the actions. Unfortunately, this failed as the files seemed to be either encrypted or maybe just binary. Off looking for my binary file editor now... in the meantime, I hope development has "ability to edit ACDSee actions files" on the list for the next revision.

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