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Merging two databases and their tags?

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  • Merging two databases and their tags?

    I've been using ACDSee for years on various computers in my home. I'm currently using ACDSee Pro 7. Over time I've streamlined a bit, but I still have two computers that each have the same tags, but also there are a few tags that are unique to each computer's ACDSee database. If I've embedded metadata on all images on both computers, can I move my photos from one computer to the other and have the list of tags merge into one database? If so, what would the process be? My goal is that t the tags unique to the photos being moved would be added to the existing list of tags on the destination computer. What would then happen to photos with the same tags as the destination computer?

    I desperately need to combine my two archives of photos while preserving the organization I've worked so hard to put in place over the years. Any guidance would be much appreciated!