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ACDSee RAW Editor release

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  • ACDSee RAW Editor release

    Can you imagine the ACDSee Pro / Develop Mode or RAW Editing as a stand alone product and as Photoshop Plug in?

    ACDSee RAW Editing can be considered the best in the market (because of its Light EQ), and most professionals can not stop using Photoshop., actually, a lot of them use Light Room because it is included in the cost. This gives a stand alone version more chances to be used with Light Room, as well as a plug in with Photoshop. Even when those products have their own RAW Editor, it is easier for any person to try and replace this application than an asset manager (It is a nightmare to move your pictures after you added them to a database) or a Photoshop that must be used anyway.

    Additionally, ACDsee already offers the asset management (ACDSee Standard) and the photo editor (ACDSee Photo Editor) as single products. It even gives for free the LightEQ in Android (To people that really do not care because this is for professionals). Then why not do the same with the RAW Editing module?

    This may be the last chance to get a bigger market share because the competitors are moving fast:

    DxO Photo Lab and Corel After Shot have released their first truly production versions, from now their may include better tools than those from ACDSee.

    PhaseOne Capture One Luma Curve and Serif Affinity Photo Tone Persona do provide similar results than the LightEQ and each day have better mind share than ACDSee.

    Finally, if the user is happy with a plug in, he will easily buy other products as seen with Alien Skin, Picture Code Ninja, Topaz Labs, etc. Actually they have release a RAW Editor by their own.

    What the community thinks about it? Especially for the colleague whom you can not convince to use ACDSee.