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Syncing two copies of ACDSee Pro

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  • Syncing two copies of ACDSee Pro

    I took advantage of the two for one offer when purchasing ACDSee Pro and have installed one on my desktop which is my main storage and cataloguing machine. The second copy is on my Surface pro, with the idea that I can do basic re-naming of files and metadata input in the field. Is there a way of somehow syncing these two machines to share a common database? If not, what do you consider the best way of maximising the second copy with regard to workflow and cataloguing.

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    I wondered about a similar issue. You could copy the entire database file and import it to the tablet, but then ACDSee expects to find all your photos there, which is probably not practical. It took years, but I finally realized that the answer is to start a separate database on the tablet, which can be strictly temporary. Do what you want in the field. When you're done, select all the relevant images, right-click and choose Metadata>Embed ACDSee Metadata. This records what you entered into the image files themselves so they can then be copied to the PC (I use an external drive in the field, so it's just a matter of connecting the drive to the PC and choosing Menu>File>Import>From Disk). Make sure that you don't use a method that leaves a record in the desktop ACDSee of the files on the portable drive, such as opening the drive in the Folders Pane: that way lies a terrible mess.

    Once ACDSee sees your metadata-embedded images, it will discover the data on its own, or you can choose Tools>Database>Catalog Files and indicate the folder they're in.

    Oh, one caution: if you're importing RAW files, ACDSee can't store the metadata in those directly, so it writes a "sidecar" file for each image instead. You'll have to make sure the sidecars arrive on the PC. I haven't tried that yet, so I'm not sure exactly how it goes.

    Another thing, as I haven't tried it yet: you may need to create on the tablet a customized database that matches the metadata you've been entering on the PC. I suppose you might do that by copying to the tablet the PC database as I mentioned at the start and deleting all its records, or would it work to just import to the tablet one or more PC images with embedded metadata? In a month or two, before or after an upcoming trip, I think I'll be interested in the answers.