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my old acdsee 4 works way better than my new 2018 pro

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  • my old acdsee 4 works way better than my new 2018 pro

    2018 pro locks up all the time when moving photos around folders and is so SLOW, i always revert back to 4, never locks up and fast, just using the program for photo organization

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    I use the old ACDSee 5 to produce dimple thumbnail photo pages that still work in every browser.


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      Hi yosemite photos,

      I would suggest that you can try to optimize the database and see if the performance can be resolved. Please also update your Windows to the latest version as well as the graphic card driver.

      To optimize the database, please try the following steps :

      Click Tools | Database | Optimize Database.
      Click Next.
      Put a check in both boxes then click Next again twice.
      Click Finish.

      I have sent you also a support ticket to follow up this issue.

      Customer Care Team


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        For years, the database optimization always seems to solve a multitude of problems. New users and those not in the know about databases are the most vulnerable.
        Is the development team looking at ways to solve the (fragmentation?) issues?

        I can't help but think it is time for either and updated schema or a more up to date database engine. Any insight from development?


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          I too still use ACDSEE 5 which came on a magazine cover CD about 18 years ago. Extremely fast, everything works.


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            To the OP: I have been using ACDSee for a long time (pretty sure I started back in 2004) and I assure you that Pro 2018 is fast in Manage mode. I only use ACDSee in Manage mode as a DAM program to find, organize and see my pics. If it was not as fast as the older versions I have used (and faster than all the competition), I would not be using 2018 since speed is by far the program's most valuable asset to me. There is something wrong if you are having speed issues, could be a computer problem or a database optimization problem or something similar. Maybe tech support can help.