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  • More labes in the Catalogue

    Hello mates,

    I'm using ACDSee to Catalogue photos but now I'm starting to catalogue videos using labels.
    Do you know if we have any way to add more labels? There is just 5 and I would like to add more.

    Thanks in advance.


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    You can set up as many label groups as you like and each can contain five labels. Click on the gear button at label section in the catalogue pane.
    The labels are stored as plain text and you also can type any text in the properties pane. Labels that are not member of the currently selected label group are shown with a white line under the thumbnail.


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      Emil, I've used five labels for years and wasn't aware I could create more. But in sets, of which only one or another is displayed at any time? I don't see the value of that. I see in my notes (I'd forgotten) that I can enter any text I want into the ACDSee Metadata>Label text field, ignoring the Catalog pane and its limiting color sets, but that entry is ephemeral - it's lost if I click on any color label or just click on another image and back to the one just labeled. That now seems even more useless than multiple color sets. There's more inconsistency, but for now I'm very confused and want nothing to do with this until I see more clarity. I now have a white line under a RAW thumbnail (and a text label) to which I ultimately want no ACDSee metadata at all applied, and don't know how to remove it.


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        Originally posted by Dennis Cheasebro View Post
        I don't see the value of that.
        Neither do I :-)

        Only if the text in the label tag exactly matches one of the defined texts in the current selected colour group, the matching colour will appear under the thumbnail.
        If it does not, the line will be white. If there's not text in the label at all, no line will be displayed.

        So, if you heavily "misuse" the tag and fill it with free text, you will see white lines only. We did this some time, but we stop this practices because the db became unstable and searches more and more stalled.

        Today we use it to show who developed/edited an image and if editing is finished. Hardly any other user of AC will need this practice.

        I also wonder why there is a line under the thumbnail at all! there already exists a colour square above the thumbnail, but it's only shown if you hover it. This one also is functional: You can use it to fill the label with one of the texts from the currently active label group. Why not waive the line and make the square always visible? This would save the space.

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