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Printing multiple files on one page: IMPOSSIBLE to control size?!?

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  • Printing multiple files on one page: IMPOSSIBLE to control size?!?

    ​I'm very frustrated over the print interface of ACDSee Pro 5.3. Since the program generally is a great tool there's probably something I'm missing?
    I often need to print multiple fixed (x*y mm) sized pictures (from individual files) - and it just seem stupid to have to import them in a editor and make a new, huge file just for printing. Frankly I'm surprised I'm not able to get ACDSee to do this? However the three available print options all fail:

    1) Full page: Can only print a single picture per page. :-( But at least size can be controlled!

    2) Contact sheet: This is the obvious choice. However, there's absolutely no control over the size of the images. The "size" setting (with an absolutely terrible slider only interface) only sets the number of columns/rows. And the scaling is seemingly erratic. Simply sad!

    3) Layout: Lots of annoying layouts - but seemingly no way to modify them or create new ones? I have no idea what the developers (who obviously put some effort into this) was thinking; to me it seems like a failed effort... :-O

    Could someone please tell if I'm missing something?
    Although there's nothing to indicate it online, it might have been changed to the better in newer versions? (Not that I'm very inclined to upgrading, based on "not so great" rumours about the performance of the newer generations)

    Thanks and best regards,