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  • Embedding Metadata questions...

    Using Pro 7...

    Can someone clarify the benefits of "embedding metadata"? I'm not sure I'm using these terms correctly, so please bear with me. I have created an assignem many labels in my "Catalog". A screenshot example is attached below. After going through a new batch of photos and assiging these catalog labels, I select all the photos and embed the metadata. My understanding is that by embedding the metadata, I can some day access one of these photos, even if it's outside of ACDsee, and find those labels listed within the file info. For example, if I've assigned the catalog label "New York" to a photo within ACDSee, if I one day pull up that photo outside of ACDSee, that photo data will contain "New York" within one of the files data fields.

    Am I understanding this correctly?

    Also, what is the purpose of the Database sub-tool "Catalog Files"? If I've already assigned Catalog labels to photos and embedded the metadata to those photos, what does "Catalog Files" do?

    I hope this is all clear. I've been using ACDSee for many years to tag and easily locate photos when necessary, but I'm just starting to pay closer attention to preserving all of these database information and many of the terms and functions are confusing to me.

    Any guidance would be much appreciated.


    Here's a sample of my Catalog items, which I assume are now a permanent part of each photo file per the embedding process.
    Click image for larger version

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    "Embedding" means copying proprietary AC metadata in to the files themselves (e.g. jpg) or into the matching sidecar files (e.g. xmp for all types of raw).

    The proprietary AC metadata covers Caption, Author, Notes, AC-Keywords, Label plus a few more.

    The proprietary AC metadata primarily is kept in the database, but since a couple of versions AC allows to copy ("embed") this metadata into the image files too. This additional metadata can only by read by AC or some nerd tools like exiftool. To read the proprietary AC metadata into a database of another installation of AC you MUST catalogue the files. Just browsing the files will not do this.

    IPTC metadata always is copied into the files as soon as you click the "Apply" button or type the return key in the properties pane.

    I still wonder why it's not possible to embed AC metadata on the fly like with IPTC metadata and have it read again automatically, not even optional. Some say that this is for clarity to avoid fouling a database with metadata from foreign sources. (e.g. it's very hard to get rid of unwanted AC keywords.) But I don't follow: How often do you receive and manage image files with embedded AC meta data from other users of AC?

    With tools like exiftool you can build bridges and feed the proprietary AC meta data into other programs. I once wrote a script myself to rebuild the AC categories in LR.


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      ctychick -- Your question: Can someone clarify the benefits of "embedding metadata"? Simple answer: So you can sync images between multiple PC's and have all your metadata stored inside the images themselves. Emil's response above, is exactly correct. Embedding is also an invaluable tool for migrating to new computers. You never have to 'convert' your database if you embed.

      Emil -- Good suggestion about "auto-embedding". This has been on my To Do list for years, and I had forgotten about it. I'm going to bring it up again today. Thanks for the reminder.


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        Originally posted by LV_Bill View Post
        [USER="107"]Emil's response above, is exactly correct.
        Thanx a lot LV_Bill :-)

        Embedding is also an invaluable tool for migrating to new computers.

        You never have to 'convert' your database if you embed.
        I'm sorry, but I have to say no here. There's other metadata that can not be embedded, like the "Event Descriptions", editable in the calendar pane, and the sorting of folders. Embedding only covers meta data of the catalogued files. [Hey Dev team: Why can't we search for event descriptions?]

        To be true, you can also embed (write a XMP file) for folders (This time: not their content!). [Hey Dev team: Why don't you export the sorting to this one?]

        -- Good suggestion about "auto-embedding". This has been on my To Do list for years, and I had forgotten about it. I'm going to bring it up again today. Thanks for the reminder.
        I'm pretty sure they had good reasons not to implement this - I'd love to know them.


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          I'm new to the forum and I won't create a new topic because this topic seems to be close to the questions I have. So I'm fed up with my former Photo Management software and ACD See looks great but I have concerns. When you look in the properties of a JPEG file the keywords are not written in the file. Is there a way around that? From what I read it looks like ACD See is using proprietary keywords so this would be the reason. Second I'd like to know if there is a way to force XMP files even for JPEG.
          Kind Regards.


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            Hi ONJM,

            I would like to suggest the database embed feature to embed ACDSee metadata, e.g. ACDSee Keywords, categories, etc.. to the files. To do that, please select those files and then click Tools | Database | Embed ACDSee metadata. For more information about this feature, please look at:

            Or you can use the IPTC keywords, they will be written to the files after you enter the keywords, and then press the Enter or click the Apply button.

            Hope this helps.

            ACD Customer Care.


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              Originally posted by ONJM View Post
              Second I'd like to know if there is a way to force XMP files even for JPEG.
              Kind Regards.
              Apparently not. I thought that if it were provided for, you'd just need to set your JPEG as Read Only, and then in the Embed ACDSee Metadata in Files dialog, check Write sidecar files for formats that do not support embedded XMP. But that still results in an Embed Summary Report that reads Failed.


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                I asked support about this a while back (Oct 2018), and they sent me some screen shots of a way to use the "Manage Metadata Presets" to write fields from the ACDSee Metadata to IPTC metadata fields. The example they used was to transfer the ACDSee "Capture" field to the IPTC "Description" field. You may have to play around with the preset function a bit to get the exact fields you want to transfer correctly, and you also may need to remember to periodically run the preset, but this may help get the keyword in both places for those trying to.


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                  I was ready to buy this but found these tags I am trying to add to Nikon .nef files are not written to the actual photo files. None of the instructions work to manually force them in. Why can't this just be an option in the settings to write the keywords and other supported tags in the file. I do not want a .xmp file at all.

                  Can someone figure this out so I could buy the program? Otherwise it's useless and I will look elsewhere.


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                    daveozric, you really don't want a program to write to your RAW (.nef) files...a great way to corrupt the file and lose your pictures. Export your .nef files to .jpg, most programs can and will write the data to the single file.