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manage mode - list all pics no matter what folder?

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  • manage mode - list all pics no matter what folder?

    Hi All,

    I have my photos stored in a folder called "pics" and within that are folders by year, which have their own subfolders with the form Year-Month-Day (referencing the date taken). In ACDSee's manage mode, is there a way to show a list of all the photos in "pics", ignoring the folder structure? For example, if I had 10 images in pics\2018\2018-02-24 and 15 images in pics\2017\2017-11-05, is there a way in manage mode to just show all 25 images? I'd like to be able to sort and filter all the photos, no matter what subfolder they are in.


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    Yes, you can select a few or many folders using the Folders pane and display all the images in the selected folders or if you want all of your images, you can also look in the Catalog Pane at the bottom you will see Special Items, click Image Well and ACDSee will display all the images in your database.


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      To display all images that have ever been catalogued, no matter if they are orphaned or stored on media unattached at the moment: Click "Image Well" in the "Catalogue" pane in "Manage" mode.

      To display all images that really exist and currently are online in a whole folder tree: Select the top most folder ("pics") in "Folders" pane in "Manage" mode and type ALT-* at numeric keypad several times. This will unfold the folder tree. Then SHIFT-Click the bottom most sub folder of the folders tree. This will select all sub folders and display all item found in these folders.

      To display the content a few sub folders: Unfold the tree as before and CTRL-Click the folders needed.

      You may want to enable "Easy Select" an page "Folders" in the options (ALT-O). This allows to select folders w/o CTRL-key.


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        Here is a screen shot of my Folder tree in Year/Month/Day format showing how to display all the images in the Jan and Feb 2016 folders, simply select all the folders you want to display (one, two or many) and the images from the selected folders will be displayed and you can sort and filter them all you want without regard to what folder they are in. You can use Emil's Alt+* keystroke or simply use the mouse to expand the tree then select the folders you want using Shift+Click which is how I do it. To select more than one group of folders use Ctrl+Shift+Click for the second and subsequent groups.
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          I use Ultimate 2018.
          I too file my photo's via date Year, Month then sometimes a day, then a short comment to remind myself where I was. Searching is easy if I can remember the year and month, otherwise I use photo's where I find it quick to narrow the date and search for the photo that I want.