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  • View EPS in ACDSee Pro 2018

    Hi all!

    I'm currently on a trial version of ACDSee Pro 2018 and I'm trying to make the best judgment on if it's worth buying after the trial period.
    I've encountered a few negatives but the most needed solution would be how to make ACDSee view EPS files. As work with a lot of illustration file then I'll need to find a way to catalog them side by side with their JPG previews so I can keep track of them. I've read a few posts on here already addressing the issue but most of those posts were for way older versions and not much of a solution was posted neither. I am aware of the Ghostscript method. I actually have version 9.22 installed before ACDsee but still, the EPS are not visible.

    So, my question is... Is there any of you or a few who got a current ACDSee installed and able to view and browse EPS files correctly?
    I was hoping that ACDSee has a Stacking feature like Adobe Bridge, Lightroom or Idimager (among a few) where even if the EPS files were not viewable then I could still stack them with the JPG files and that would be a decent workaround but I can't believe that ACDSee after all these years still doesn't have such a feature. And, looking from the forum posts and from the new 2019 versions about to be released, Stacking is not going to make it anytime soon in this program.

    So, yeah, I'd love to jump on board and become a regular user of the program but I gotta see if there's a viable solution for EPS files.

    Thanks for reading and hopefully suggesting some of your solution/ workarounds!
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    I don't use EPS, so I just started good old PS 2014 created a few samples and saved them as EPS. AC displays them pretty well.
    Go to your plugin settings in AC and check if "ID_PD.apl" is enabled. How do you create your EPS files? Please upload a sample to a binary file server and post a link.

    BTW. I don't have Ghostscript installed.


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      Not sure why but for some reason, I don't have the "ID_PD.apl" file listed in the plugin panel. I see a "ID_APD" which I'm assuming are two different files; I've screenshot my current list.
      Any way I can find it and add it manually?

      Thanks for the help.


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        Hi dadarkman,

        You will need the ID_PS.apl plugin and the ghostscript script version 854. I will send you the files to your hotmail email account.



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          Man, oh man! James, you did it! By sending me that file, you've just made ACDSee the defacto DAM on my computer. Not being able to browse EPS was my main restraint from becoming a regular user of the program. Well, it's officially a BUY now!

          Thanks a million for the help!


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            Jepp, the name of the plugin is "ID_PS.apl" I've got it from my old AC Pro v8 but it's not in the package any more since v9 or v10.