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Clone Tool — Right edge not filled (Edit mode bug)

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  • Clone Tool — Right edge not filled (Edit mode bug)

    Dear AcdSee team,
    About 6 month ago I send a bug request for AcdSee Pro 2018 regarding the Repair Clone Tool (Edit mode). Unfortunately it's still present in 2019.
    The right edge, 1px wide can't be filled with Clone Tool. Changing zoom, brush pressure — no difference. At least one pixel column is not filled. I can't check it, but I'm sure this bug was introduced in version 2018. It looks like it's the same on any image, in both pro and ultimate.
    It's especially important and annoying if I rotate an image preserving edges, than crop, than fill missing areas using cloning.
    The quickest work around I was able to find is to rotate the image 180°, repair-clone left edge, rotate back. The time is wasted for nothing.

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    I just want to add that this bug is a pretty major irritation for me too, in what is otherwise a fine piece of software: as a wildlife photographer I have a routine need to remove unwanted items from images, and it's frustrating to know that if I need to work on the right side of the image, I'll have problems like those described by Alex.

    I can generally get round it to some extent by using a Blur on a brush, but not always.

    It happens whether the Clone or Heal tools are used; and - because it's obviously shared code - in Photo Editor, too.

    ACDSee, you're that close to the perfect Raw conversion/editing solution in ACDSee Pro, so I'm bumping this in order to encourage you to look at the issue.

    Keith Reeder


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      Get around with Blur is a bit of overkill. At least cloning works as expected in Dev mode. Which I'm not a fan of.
      However, I'm surprised that no one from developers promised to fix it. The bug was introduced only after Acdsee 10.


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        Originally posted by alex-online View Post
        Get around with Blur is a bit of overkill. .
        Less so than flipping the image, for me.