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  • Group by face (feature request)

    I've tried 2019 software. Thank you, it looks like you are on the right path.
    Face recognition looks promising. At least as a good fun. However, it's pretty useless for me without one feature. That would be super helpful to group and filter by person. Like it can be done by Label or by Rating.
    Currently I can see grouped by face photos in Catalog | People, it shows all photos in the database. Too much is shown. Especially if there are duplicated photos on disk — they are displayed twice. The whole idea is ruined.
    With grouping by face that would be also easy to see what faces are not recognized. I don't see a quick way to do it now.
    Thanks, hope to get some feedback. Let me know if there better workflows to work with faces.

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    Hi alex-online,

    Thank you for the feedback!

    Right now there are a couple of other ways ways to search for a person. The Search pane (which can be shown with Panes > Search) allows searching for a name in images in specific folders, categories, or other file properties. Type the name in the "With the text" field, click on the arrow to the field's right, and check "Search in People".

    There is also the Selective Browsing feature, which can be found under the View menu. This similarly allows filtering by person in specific folders, dates, and other criteria. Once Selective Browsing is enabled, select one or more people in the Catalog pane to add them to Selective Browsing. Other filter criteria can be added from the Folders and Calendar panes.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Thank you Tristan,
      You've discovered Selective Browsing for me. Great feature!
      Group by face would still be faster in my view, however, the same result can already be achieved. Thanks again.