When file names are generated in the import dialog they are formatted as <date taken> - <time taken> - <sequence number>
this results in names like this: 2018-09-27 06-17-23 - 0001

This format is perfectly OK in today's world, but for those who feel more comfortable with things the way there were a while back the preferred format would not include any spaces and would use the underscore as the major separator: 2018-09-27_06-17-23_0001

Another option that would be nice to see is the Title Slide concept. For the Title Slide one might simply mark one of the existing images in a set or event as the "Title Slide" and this slide would then be shown as the thumbnail for that particular set or event.

When the user elects to rename input files as in the import from device dialog it would be nice if the Original Camera File Name were inserted into the IPTC data