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  • Per-folder notes?

    Hi Folks,

    I would like to have a place to keep track of what I have or haven't yet done on a particular folder. I can imagine there are various ways to do this outside of ACDSee, but wondering if there is a way to add notes to folders (rather than individual images) that are visible while inside ACDSee. Any ideas?

    More generally, how do you keep track of what workflow steps you have and haven't executed on a given folder of images?

    - Eric
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    I use the colors to represent where I am at in a workflow. For example, I first go through all the photos and mark the ones I want to work on "red". After developing, I mark the file yellow. I then use edit mode on the favorites and mark those green... I mark each as I go through each file. Thus if I need to leave and pick up later, I just sort to all red files (or whatever color) and see which images are ready to be brought to the next step.
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      If you allow AC to display folders in manage mode (Options [ALT-O] - File List - Configure Filters - Apply filtering criteria - Show folders), you can assign caption, notes, or even keywords to a folder (not it's content). This tags even can be embedded into a side car file.

      However it's not possible to assign a rating or a label to a folder, this only is allowed for the content of a folder and it's sub folders. Imho the dialogue is a bit misleading on this.

      As GusPanela I prefer to manage meta data for images only. We don't have any folders that represent more then a date.