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People search for AND rather than OR

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  • People search for AND rather than OR

    I have two people in tagged in Pro 2019: Fred_Flintstone and Wilma_Flintstone. There are several ways to retrieve photos with either of the two people. I cannot figure out how to retrieve photos with both of them.

    Way one: I can search "Flintstone". This retrieves all photos.

    Way two: I can search "Wilma_Flintstone Fred_Flintstone" and retrieve all the photos.

    How can I retrieve the subset of photos that contain both of them? There ought to be a way to specify the boolean operator but I cannot figure out how. (And what about my photos with Wilma_Flintstone AND Barney_Rubble?)

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    Hi marklevine,

    There are a couple of ways to do this. In the Quick Search bar, which I think is what you are already using, type Fred_Flintstone + Wilma_Flintstone to run a Boolean AND search. You can also run OR and subtraction searches with the | and - operators. Please see the help files, Manage Mode > Searching > Using the Quick Search Bar, for some more information about how to set up these searches.

    You can also run a search from the Catalog pane. In the People section, select all the people you want to search on, using the Easy-Select arrows or CTRL/SHIFT clicking. Click the gear icon on the People section header, and change the search type to Match All. I've attached a screenshot showing the location. The advantage here is that the Quick Search Bar also searches on file and folder names as well as categories (although this can be changed from Tools > Options > Quick Search). This also allows you to easily select as many people as you want without typing all of their names.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      Bingo! I tried the ampersand operator but not the plus operator. Why is this so difficult to find in the UI and in the documentation. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.