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  • Synonym workaround - Plant taxonomy

    Does someone have a synonym workaround? I am trying to classify photos for my own use. I put both the Latin family name and the Common family name (e.g. Boraginaceae and Borage). I understand ACDsee does not do synonyms, that this would be. I considered using Categories instead of Keywords. I have over 200,000 photos, so I found moving keywords around very, very slow. Categories seem quicker, but it might be because I do not have many Categories in my tests. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, I wonder how other people deal with this? thanks,

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    I use keywords, one for scientific name and one for common name. I was delighted when keywords became hierarchical, so I could build a family tree of life in keywords, but it would be very helpful if each pair of names could be somehow linked without merging them into one longer bit of text. Bearing in mind that some common names apply to more than one scientific name, and every widespread species has multiple common names!
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      A couple of years ago we discussed this to here and found that it's not only a matter of Latin name and common name. We also have to cover names used in other regions and internationalisation, because we usually receive enquiries from people using their local names and from overseas agencies. Also, if images are presented on the net, it's of course usefully to be found by everybody.

      Internationalisation could be covered with IPTC using "xml:lang" attributes (Link), but hardly any program offers this feature (Digikam does), and also none of our customers ever asked for it - they always are fine with their local names :-)

      We came to the conclusion to just use the lowest step and add all names as IPTC keywords - everyone can read and search this.

      So we end up with quite a number of keywords for every image: "Boragacées, borage, Boraginacées, Borraginacées, forget-me-not family, uwbladigenfamilie, . . ."

      After first subject indexing at time of import we add new keywords successively based on customer requests and search phrases used on our web sites.