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Newbie question: How to expand category display to see all for a picture

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  • Newbie question: How to expand category display to see all for a picture

    Hi, new user to ACDSee Pro 7. I love the program so far (switched from APE 8). In my main screen with the thumbnails in the middle, on the right side, is the properties window. I have it sorta narrow so I can see more thumbnails. In the properties area on the top portion it has a one line area showing the assigned categories. I use this for people's names, and in large group pictures, I can have many names on the list. However since it is one line, I can't see all the tagged categories on it. Is there a way to see all the tags at once? I've attached a picture with random event tags as a sample. I know I can widen the properties area, but don't want to do that. I'd rather have the categories wrap down instead. Or if there is another way to show all the tags, that would be great (not going through and scrolling through an entire list of all potential tags that are checked). Thanks for any help on this.

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    My suggestion is eliminating the windows on the left when viewing images. I organize my windows so that the ones that help me select images to view (search, folders, organize, calendar, favorite) are all on the left but on autohide so they go away once I am looking at the thumbs I want. Then I have only the single window on the right for properties or preview of the currently selected image, and I have enough space to make it reasonably wide.

    Sorry, I don't use categories much - things like names of people and object in a picture are better represented as Keywords, so that's what I do.