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custom sort lost on copy??!

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  • custom sort lost on copy??!

    I suppose this is not a question; but I found that when I had carefully rearranged a collection of photos into the proper sequence, and AcdSee remembered all of the custom sorting between sessions, but then when I moved the folder from my import folder (pictures) into the photo archive drive (copied the folder in AcdSee Folders view), it lost all of the custom sort, reverting to a file-name ordering.
    This lost a few hours of work - and seems like a mistake.
    I could understand if I copied to a new location outside of the tool, but - since it did the copy itself - too bad it lost all of this custom information, with no warning!!

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    Sorting of a folder (also categories and collections) is stored in the database only. If you copy/move files into another folder how should AC mix it with the items that already exist in this target? Append? Prepend? Mix with the sorting that already exists for the target? AFAIK all that exists is, to keep the sorting of the target and prepend the list with the added items. So the sorting of the origin gets lost.

    However, the sorting of the origin folder remains intact until you optimize your database or overwrite it with another sorting for different files. So, moving the files back from target folder to origin folder might restore the sorting. [Fingers crossed!]

    I see the sorting as a temporary function, that must be followed by a batch rename with sequence characters.

    Is anyone aware of a sequence numbering option for any tag within AC? A workaround using exiftool should be easy.
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      Given that I have done a custom sort, and then named the files in order to not lose info - but also kept the actual names.

      E.g. P01-house Photo.jpg

      Then I rearranged, and now they are in this custom sort order:
      P01-house Photo.jpg

      I want to now rename their sort tags to define this new order, so I can copy them to another machine and keep the order.

      E.g. to strip the old numbers, and then add new ones:
      P02-house Photo.jpg

      One could do this using regular expressions, but not clear how some of the AcdSee naming options work.
      Any ideas?