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Why does file size increase when I export a photo in develop?

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  • Dennis Cheasebro
    When your compressed jpeg file was originally created from an uncompressed source (such as TIFF or RAW format or your camera's sensor), the software discarded information, without which ACDSee can't un-compress the image. I think it has to leave the existing image as is and tack your edits onto the end of the file, or something of that nature. Thus the file grows with each save, meanwhile losing some detail as well. That's about the limit of my understanding. I wish I knew the ramifications of the choices in the JPEG Options dialog.

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  • Why does file size increase when I export a photo in develop?

    I am doing my edits with Develop mode, then when I am done, I either export or “save as” to get a shareable version of the file with edits embedded. I am editing jpeg file, and exporting as jpeg. So why does my file size more than double relative to the original size? (I have the picture quality option set to best). Should I lower the picture quality setting so that the file size remains same? Thanks for any insight - I’m a new user.