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Prevent the Creation of the Hidden Orignals Folder

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  • Prevent the Creation of the Hidden Orignals Folder

    Is there a setting in ACDSee Pro 2019 to prevent the automatic creation of a hidden Originals folder?
    Alternatively, can these folders be purged periodically?
    It is not necessary for our use of ACDSee and creates unnecessary information and disk space when backing up folders or moving information.

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    I'm not sure about this, but I don't think it creates that Originals folder if you develop from a RAW and there is no like named jpg in the same folder. I did some testing of this by developing a RAW and then saving with different name when there was already an OOC jpg. A jpg was created in the Originals folder. I developed another RAW that did not have any OOC jpg and saving the developed jpg with new name and there was not jpg saved in the folder.

    Since I shoot in RAW+jpg this has always been a big stumbling block to me so I use other programs for developing.

    Years a ago I deleted that folder and it's files but didn't see any effect. It may be needed to display the changes or perhaps a safety measure. I asked tech support one time and asked for option to not save to that folder but they told me that wasn't possible.

    You may want to test various options developing to confirm my findings.


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      Select all edited images. Then go to Process-Commit Changes.


      Use this one liner in CMD:
      FOR /d /r . %d IN ([Originals]) DO @IF EXIST "%d" rd /s /q "%d"
      You will need to CD to your top folder of your image base before.


      To prevent backup of the not required files your backup most likely already has an option.

      With an option in AC you are asking for, many, many users would loose their valuable files by mistake.
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