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Batch metadata recording based on filename

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  • Batch metadata recording based on filename

    Hi! I use ACDSee Photostudio Pro 19 and just wonder if it's possible to write metadata based on the file name? For example when you have many photos from mobile phone or some camera which do not contain date/time original or digitized, but the name of those pictures looks like "IMG-20141104", will that be possible to rename those files at once? I know that on each file it's possible to write date/time original metadata manually, but it would take ages to do so if you have many pictures.

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    You want to extract the date 2014/11/04 from the the filename "IMG-20141104"? AFAIK, this can not be done with AC.


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      Vice versa, I need to write metadata from filenames "IMG-20141104" to "date/time original", but not to do that manually for each photos, since there are many files
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