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  • Healing plugin

    I like ACDSee, but the healing and cloning in Photoshop is the best, imo. Is there a plugin for ACDSee that includes a better repair tool? Maybe the Flex plugin from Luminar?

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    I refused to purchase ACDsee until they listen to customers. $150.00 is more than Adobe costs for a year, and Adobe gives me the exact tools necessary to do professional post edits. Once a year, I give ACDsee a look. So far, they are on the same editing level as Paint Shop Pro. I cannot sell a photo if I cannot cleanly remove unwanted objects or flaws. The operative word is "cleanly". Photoshop continues to rule as the must have editor and Bridge is a darn good DAM. I find it hard to believe other developers cannot provide the same professional grade solution. Adobe can't be that good! Right? As far as digital asset management, ACDsee is on par with LR in providing a complex database solution with all the issues that go with a database-centric platform. I'm sorry, but ACDsee for $150.00 vs $120.00 for Adobe's solution? Poor edits vs selling photos? Adobe alternative or professional software solutions? Someone, please help me out here.
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      I'm giving it another trial, and the repair tools aren't so bad, after all. Apples to apples, LR/PS is $120 every year, not one-off like ACDSee, so the price comparison doesn't fit.
      I considered PS Elements, which should have most of the features you like in PS, but there's something about the interface I don't like. It's not polished like its big brother.
      It's a hobby for me. If I was pro, I'd go Adobe and expense it to get some relief from the cost.