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Photo Studio Professional 2019 problems opening and closing

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  • Photo Studio Professional 2019 problems opening and closing

    Over the past few days ACD studio 2019 has shown several problems. Here are a few examples:

    After loading and displaying the splash screen, the assigned first folder does not show immediately as expected, but all evidence of ACDSee disappears from the desktop. Only the task manager shows it is working., using 28% of CPU and requiring very high power. The first folder does show about 5 minutes later.

    After exiting ACDSee seems to close, but the task manager shows it continuing to run, with 28% of CPU and using very high power. The program stops after about 5 minutes

    I thought this may be associated with face recognition, so turned this off, but the problems continued. I carried out database maintenance and uninstalled/reinstalled the program, but neither improved the operation of the program. I have ACDSee Pro8,installed which continues to work quickly and smoothly.

    I wonder if anyone else has experienced similar problems and I would very much appreciate suggestions for what might done to restore normal operation.

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    High CPU usage at startup with one core running at 100% gives evidence for a crash when AC was closed before: AC is repairing the db.

    I'd suggest to "optimize" the db. If this crashes too, then rerun database optimization, even several times. Nerds might want the monitor the procedure by viewing the database folder in windows explorer. You will notice vanishing and reappearing of certain files.

    Make backups of the db first and also don't forget to "embed".
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      Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately database optimization (4 times) made no difference. I tried re-importing the data base from AC Pro8, but again no difference. I wonder if it might help to rebuild the data base from scratch? If I did this, should I manually delete the data base or is there an alternative within the program?


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        ACDSee Customer Support suggested running Reset Layout under the view menu.. This solved my problem.


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          Your post accurately describes my experience with ACDC Pro 2019 and earlier versions. It is not yet a well-behaving Windows application.

          Upon startup, the splash screen appears for a few seconds, then disappears. Sometimes the application window appears but sometimes it doesn't. The only way determine if the startup is going smoothly is to display the Task Manager. There is a problem if the task manager report 0 CPU use and 0.1MB Memory Use. When this occurs, I cannot easily kill the process but sometimes I get lucky by pounding on the Delete button and waiting a while.

          Upon shutdown, the application window closes but the Task Manager reports continued activity. If I close my laptop before all activity ceases, then the next startup will not go well. Even if I wait, restarting the application often hangs as above.

          The application ought to:

          1) Display the splash screen continuously until the application window launches. This will provide *some* feedback that something is going on.

          2) The application window should remain visible until all activity is complete. The final act should be to close the window.

          There is SOMETHING WRONG here and it has a direct impact on usability and performance. I would not mind hearing that these problems are fixed in Version 2020, along with a free upgrade.


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            FYI, I upgraded to 2020 Ultimate and these problems are generally fixed. I can close, then re-open the application without problem. On a few occasions, I've had orphaned processes hanging around but, so far, I've been successful in killing them in the Task Manager.

            I don't know if these problems are fixed in Pro 2020 but these fixes alone made the upgrade worthwhile.