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acd has encountered an error and will now close

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  • acd has encountered an error and will now close

    i searched for a media managing programm that can view the media simultaneously and found this gem. Now my only reason not to buy acdsee pro is that i cant fix this error (title). It only happens when i look at gifs in the view tab (cant remember it happening on a non gif file).

    i hope someone can help fix this since i d realy want to get this for a longer period of time. couldnt find anything more suited

    thanks !

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    Is it always the same exact images? ACDSee is known for crashing on corrupted images.


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      no, its different ones. for example it stutters before it crashes and once it crashes on a gif, i open it up immediately and then its normal. no stuttering. it crashes randomly on gifs. it first stutters, then stops for a second and then the error pops up


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        This is certainly not normal. You may want to refer this to the ACD Tech Support guys. Here’s their link:

        One thought before you check with Support. You might try uninstalling the software, then reinstalling it — just to eliminate the possibility of a corrupted installation. Good luck,
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