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Photos from an old unmounted drive won't go away

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  • Photos from an old unmounted drive won't go away

    Hello. Months ago I stopped using an old external drive and replaced it with a new one. I no longer see the drive in the Folders area, but when I search for a photo using keywords photos come up from the old drive. How do I get them to stop appearing?

    I tried using the Database Maintenance feature, but when it is populating all the information it crashes ACDSee. I ran the Database Optimization tool and that worked fine, but the bad files still appear. What can I do?

    Thanks in advance for the help.


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    Hi Mike,

    Normally, Database Maintenance is exactly what you need to remove the drive. If it is crashing, I would recommend contacting Customer Care:
    They can take a closer look at the issue than is generally possible on the forum, and try to resolve the crashing issue.

    Alternatively, you could embed all metadata in the files themselves, create a new database, and use Catalog Files to re-catalog your file system. This process may take a long time if you have a very large number of files, so I would suggest contacting Customer Care first, and also keeping your current database if you do decide to create a new one (at least until you are sure that everything was correctly embedded and you haven't lost any data).

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems