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Best way to view/organize photos on desktop and mobile. Can I do this with ACDsee?

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  • Best way to view/organize photos on desktop and mobile. Can I do this with ACDsee?

    For years, I have been using Adobe Photoshop Elements to organize my photos because I like that you can tag them with faces, events, location, etc. I would save everything in a folder structure by date or event, upload them to the database, tag them or add other info, and then I could easily search for them. I have gone away from that and am a little behind on organizing over the last couple of years because when I started that, all photos were taken with one camera. Now, while I still use the DSLR, most photos are taken from my wife's or my phone. With photos coming from 3 difference sources, it makes overwhelming and difficult to keep them all organized. I do like to have them saved on my desktop (which I also backup in 2 different places) and it is nice to view them there and organize them especially when we go through to print them, make slideshows, etc. Is there an easy way to get them on there and to also be able to see that same database on a mobile device? I have gone away from Photoshop because the face tagger did not seem that good but in the short amount of time I tried ACDsee, it seems much better. I don't want to have to go through each picture and label each face like I was having to do with Photoshop. Google Photos seems to tag them well but I can't seem to search for multiple things at once (like two faces and a location) and the organizer is not as in depth as this. Is it feasible to get every photo from all devices onto the desktop to be tagged with ACDsee and then to be able to view them on all devices (including another laptop which I would imagine would require a second version of ACDsee)? Can this integrate well with Google Photos or something? If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.
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