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ACDSee Pro 2019 No Longer Reading HEIC Photos from iPhone

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  • ACDSee Pro 2019 No Longer Reading HEIC Photos from iPhone


    ACDSee no longer reads HEIC formatted photos in Windows 10. I receive the notice "The source data format is not recognized".
    Has anyone else experienced this issue? I can read photos earlier in the year with the same extension, perhaps this is an issue introduced by iOS 13?
    For reference, I use Microsoft OneDrive to automatically sync photos to my computer.

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    Hi GreenApple,

    We have updated the plugin to be compatible with the HEIC format introduced by iOS13, and you can use the steps below to let ACDSee 2019 versions also support this new HEIC format :

    - Close ACDSee Pro 2019

    - In Windows file explorer, browse to the plugin folder

    For ACDSee Professional 2019, the plugin folder is
    C:\Program Files\ACD Systems\ACDSee Pro\12.0\PlugIns

    - Download the plugin file from this following link:

    - Decompress the zip file and then copy the "ID_HEIC.apl" to that plugin folder

    - Confirm to replace the existing file

    - Close and restart ACDSee 2019 and you shall be now able to view those newly updated HEIC files

    Hope this helps.

    ACD Customer Care Team


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      Tried this on my Pro 2019. Still can't see neither old or new HEIC files. They can be read by other programs on PC and Mac.


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        Hi Iarsras,

        Can you send a few samples to help us look into this issue ?

        I have created a support ticket and send email to you. You can reply to this email with 2 or 3 such HEIC files attached.



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          I had a similar problem to this. I imported the files and they could not be read even with the new decoder supplied above and restarting. However after installing the new decoder I tried to import the files again and this time it was successful.


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            Hi guys!
            I just had the same problem. I've followed the tip downloding the updated plugin and it's all right.

            Just a little comment: I really don't expect that a so professional software (I have "ultimate" version 2019. Fully payed, installed just few days ago, mid march 2020) has this lack!
            On web you can find free software that don't have this problem.


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              Hi guys! I have "ultimate" version 2019. Fully payed.

              I just had the same problem. I've followed the tip downloading the updated plugin and it is NOT ok, nothing changed and I still can NOT view HEIC files.


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                Hi gedonis, and anyone else experiencing issues viewing HEIC files after following James' advice,

                We would appreciate some sample files that exhibit this issue. Could you please either post a link to some uploaded samples, or send them to Customer Care here:

                We would also like some information about where the samples come from. What device or software is creating the files? Other information like the device's OS version (if applicable) would also be helpful. Does this issue occur with all your HEIC files, or only those from a certain device or with certain settings?

                Tristan H.
                ACD Systems


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                  After rebooting and reinstalling of the plugin (using the link above) - all is working, and I can see HEIC files