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  • Add Raw images only to collection

    I am sure this has been addressed before, but can't find anything.

    My camera is set to take both jpg and raw.

    When manually selecting all raw files from a folder to add to a collection, the jpg seems to follow on automatically.

    Trying to "Remove from selected/all collections" does not do anything as the jpg is still in the collection.

    Doing a refresh (F5) has same effect.
    Database maintenance with tick in Optimize and Remove does nothing either.

    What am I doing wrong ?

    As always, any help greatly appreciated, thanks.

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    Try with catalog and select only RAW file.


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      Yes, I have tried that too, but does not make any difference.

      After I have culled my shots, I rename all images as yyyy-mm-dd_xxx, and then catalogue only the raws.

      After cataloguing, in Manage View the raws are only displayed, which is the way I think it should be.

      But, when in Manage View > Catalogue or Collections, I then do a search of yyyy-mm, all images, both raw and jpg shows up.

      So are both raw and jpg are in the collection/catalogue, since they are displayed ?

      Or is ACDSee also searching the folders ?

      Does not make sense to me.


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        Let me ask you why you need RAW and jpg images.
        After downloading from camera saves images in "Today's date" option. No renaming required, let the images remain with the original name DSCxxxx. In the sorting option, select Image Type. This separates RAW from jpg images.
        You went on a trip with your family (4 people) and made 30 shots. On the right is Organize and select People. Right click on People and select New Category and name it Family. In manage mode, select 30 RAW images and in organize click Family.
        Now select 10 RAW images of your daughter and right click on Family to create a new Emmy Category. Repeat for son John and wife Mary.
        These new categories appear on the left, and you can choose images specifically for your wife, son or daughter, and your entire family.


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          For years I have been using raw and jpg and have been renaming my pictures with yyyy-mm-dd_xxx

          With some 45,000+ images on my disk, I don't think I am prepared to change this procedure and use a DSCxxxx naming option.

          Doing it you way, it will still show *.jpg files if doing a search on dscxxxx, and not only raw images

          But I thank you for your suggestion.

          However, I still wonder as to why the search will show both raw and jpg, even though only raw images was selected to be included in a catalogue or collection.

          Any help appreciated.


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            After processing the RAW image and storing it in jpg format, this jpg image assumes the RAW original categories.