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  • Histogram

    Hello, I downloaded Ultimate 2020 in November 2019 and a problem arises. When I'm in the Develop mode, the software seems to miscalculate the clipped values ​​especially in the dark part of the histogram. For a photo all pretty well exposed, the software calculates at 24% of the pixels in the left side of the histogram so that I can not use the slider Exposure or Shadow to properly expose my image. Also, when I weigh on the E of my keyboard, instead of showing the colors green or red, which represent the badly exposed parts of the photo, it does the opposite and makes disappear the colors indicating either an overexposure or a sub- photo exhibition. The problem appeared today and it does not happen when I'm in the View or Edit module. Has anyone ever had this problem and if so, how did you manage to fix it. Thank you for your reply.
    You will find above an example of a photo that appears to me all well exposed.

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    In Develop Mode, you have a triangle above the hitogram. Click on the triangle.


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      J'ai signalé le problème au Soutien technique, ils ont reconnus le problème et l'ont soumis à l'équipe de développeurs. J'espère que le problème sera réglé lors de la prochaine mise-à-jour.