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  • Feature Request: Web URL Hyperlink

    Currently in Pro I can add a URL to the IPTC data section, however it would be great if the URL was hyperlinked to open on click or there was a right click option to open in browser. Same for Source if a user is entering a URL as the source.
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    The only URL tag I can see is 'Creator Work URL'.

    If you want to open this with your default web browser, create a CMD file with this content:
    for /F %%i in ('exiftool -b -creatorworkurl %1') do start %%i
    Then create a new external editor within AC and assign this new file to it. (In the file browser dialogue you will need to replace the '*.exe' with '*.cmd to see the CMD files.)
    You may want assign your external editor to a keyboard shortcut, which is possible in AC too.

    You also will need to install exiftool and add it to the path variable.

    Beware! This may introduce a security risk, as you are going to call unknown URLs.