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Confirming faces/Redetect faces settings

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  • Confirming faces/Redetect faces settings


    First, how do I confirm Auto-Named Faces? Obviously, if a face is wrong/unwanted, action is obvious. But what do I do to "confirm" face (so as ACDSee knows it's really OK)?

    Second, I do face detection on Moderate setting. Can I safely change it to Aggressive setting when reviewing images, so that Ctrl+F (Redetect faces) discovers more faces?

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    Hi Xyzzy,

    Unlike suggested faces, there isn't really a way to confirm auto-named faces. Under the current design, the only difference between auto-named faces and manually-named (and confirmed suggestion) names is that auto-named faces can change their name when rerunning recognition. But that generally only happens if the name was wrong, and there is now a more similar face with the correct name. If you find a particular face that tends to flip between the correct name and another name, you can manually delete the name, commit that deletion by pressing ENTER, and then re-type the name. But this is a time-consuming process and I generally wouldn't recommend it.

    Being able to commit auto-named faces is a request I've heard a few times, and I've passed the feedback on.

    The Moderate/Aggressive/Conservative slider only affects facial recognition, and has no effect on face detection or the number of faces that are detected in an image.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      The lack of confirmation is really a big issue, especially because face recognition can fantastically mix family faces. There is no good way to review all current detections, and any recognition rerun can easily shuffle already auto-assigned names.
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        Can we exclude some folders from the face recognition.