I wonder if anyone can help with a random bug that I seem to have.

Attached are two images of my ACDSee database (actually, images of two parts of the same top level folder, having scrolled down from the first view to reveal the second view). I am running ACDSee Pro 2019 on Windows 10.

The first screenshot shows sub-folders displayed as large icons with example content images embedded in the folder icon. When I double-click on these, the sub-folder opens in ACDSee to reveal its content as file icons (most are images, obviously, raw files, jpegs and tiffs, etc). I can subsequently open any image by highlighting its icon and clicking 'view' in ACDSee. Alternatively I can right-click it and open irt in a third party app (eg Adobe Photoshop). This is how ACDSee behaved originally, and how I want to keep it behaving.

The second screenshot has sub-folders reduced to very small icons tucked away in the top right hand corner of the space. When I double click on these, the content only opens up as a Windows Explorer folder (very unhelpful and not what I want). This has happened to various folders and sub-folders, apparently without any provocation from me.

To the best of my knowledge I have not changed any view settings, and certainly not for the particular folders that are currently displaying this issue. Anyone have any idea what is going on here, and how it might be fixed?

Thanks in advance to the forum community,

Ray F