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focus/view in full-screen-view (F) doesn't change to other program

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  • focus/view in full-screen-view (F) doesn't change to other program

    If a picture is shown in full-screen-view (F) one can't change to another program (for example with alt + tab).
    Furthermore on top is the picture, but the keyboard goes to the hidden program - so you can't close the picture-view with ESC or Return.

    Is this a feature or rather a bug?
    this is since Pro10 and I told it the support

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    Now that you mention it, the operation does seem inconsistent. I guess I never really thought about it until your post. For years, I've been tapping the F out of habit.
    May be worth a note to the support team.


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      Here is another reason I don't typically run into the same issue...
      I always use photog apps in there own desktop.

      I've tweaked Win10 settiings a bit to get the operation like I want
      Win10 > Settings > Multitasking > "Pressing Alt-Tab shows windows that are open in all apps" > All desktops

      Next, I always open photography apps into their own desktop. With the setting tweak, I can use the "alt-tab to switch between applications on all desktops
      (I just haven't got use to the WInKey + cursor to switch between desktops)

      Operating in this mode, allows ACD to operate in it's own viewing mode (full screen or other) and maintains the ability to use the Alt-tab that I like to use.


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        I find out: It's a feature (I don't know the sense) you can check or uncheck, and in 2020 it takes effect (still
        a bug in Pro10).
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          Thanks for this pointer! I tend to leave things in the default settings. With this option unchecked it seems better. It sould seem to make sense to have the default unchecked... but maybe not.