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Cataloging extra files in an already cataloged directory

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  • Cataloging extra files in an already cataloged directory


    Say I have a root directory already cataloged with per-day directories.
    Now I add some new photos/directories with photos to this root directory.

    How do I efficiently add the new photos to catalog, so that I don't loose any information for images already in the catalog?

    Currently I just catalog the root directory again with options to import ACDSee data enabled - but this is much much longer than just cataloging a fresh directory - I suspect ACDSee just adds again all information for items already in the database and just because I keep all ACDSee data in files, the data don't get lost.
    This is also what suggests number of files in cataloging summary dialog.
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    Well, you could embed all AC meta data before cataloguing all files again, but that doesn't seem efficient.

    - Create an empty new temp folder on your desktop
    - In windows explorer search for all new (just imported) files
    - Select all found files and create short link files for these in the temp folder
    - Start AC and catalogue the temp folder
    - delete the temp folder

    AC works pretty well with short link files (.lnk).

    Best option would be an import routine, that allows to create short links files into a single folder on every import.


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      I decided to use ACDSee Indexer for this. Works pretty well and reliable. A lot faster than re-cataloging tens of thousands of images.
      Strange that such capability is not available as an explicit option in the program.


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        Can't do that on my computer, AC is running all day.