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Red no-entry signs on one hard drive, again

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  • Red no-entry signs on one hard drive, again

    Hi, I'd like to re-ask a question no one knew the answer to in 2015: how do you include an excluded drive?

    I'm a pro photographer with 45 hard drives (yes, forty five) of images and video and ACDSee Pro handles them with aplomb, except for one! It's a 4 terabyte Toshiba and it always has the red no-entry sign against the drive name and all its folders, stopping me from tagging etc. An identical b-drive works fine.

    I've made sure the settings in Windows 7 are correct, and have tried all the ACDSee settings, but can't include it because it doesn't even get a checkbox.

    This question was raised at the link below. Just wondering if anyone has a clue now. A practical question is, if I buy another 4 terabyte drive and transfer all the data across, will it also transfer the problem across??