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  • Finding images

    I have photos and images scattered over 3 hard drives on my PC.
    Can anyone suggest a way of finding them all - either using ACDSee or another utility program.


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    I guess it depends on what you want to do with the images when you find them.

    Here is a brute force approach to literally find all JPG images anywhere on you Win10 computer (including temp directories, system directories, etc)
    Win10 > File Explorer > This PC > Search > *.jpg

    Next, get up and go make a cup of coffee because this is going to take a while.

    Eventually, a brutal list of all jpgs will be listed. I would not know what to do with all of the files.


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      Thanks Gus.

      As I mentioned, I have a number of photos scattered over 5 (not 3 as previously stated) hard drives which are all attached by usb to the PC. These were accumulated over a number of years and as I may not be around much longer I want to locate all photos and move them to one drive for ease of locating them.

      I take your point about using File Explorer and the time it takes, however just before I came across your reply I found a portable utility from Voidtools called 'Everything'.
      It is an indexing utility which indexed all files on all drives in a couple of minutes, then finds all copies of file types (or individual files by name or wildcard) in seconds. Once found I can drag and drop copies to any location and delete the originals or leave them where they are.

      So my problem is solved.

      Thanks again for taking the time to respond.


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        This topic is difficult to answer. First of all, what type of pictures to you got? What type of searches are you looking for?

        I would do three things:

        a) Get an external harddisk holding all my pictures. I would not keep them on any internal drives. Get a big external drive. Establish an automatic backup routine. When migrating pictures, it is so easy that something gets lost or goes wrong.
        b) Find a way of cataloguing your pictures. It does not matter if you got professional pictures, family pictures, picture of dogs, people, places or holidays. Whatever makes you tick. That is why it is so important to know what type of pictures do you got and how or what type of searches are you going to perform. Use catalogues, people, keywords within ACDSee Ultimate. It takes time to develop the syntax you want to use.
        c) Find a good file and picture structure. Are you saving the picture by YYYY/MM/DD/Filename.... What type of file name. Just a number? All searching is done by keywords, catalogues?

        Then the hard part!

        Start migrating your pictures. Start exploring ACDSee Ultimate. You got very special needs if you need other external search tools. Using a combination of tools can easily corrupt the database and more.