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  • Search all files to remake thumbs


    Is there a way to show all image files on drive, in order to have their thumbs recreated?
    Have refreshed the DB
    Have just tried the long search function, * in whole drive but it just crashes

    Any tips or workarounds?


    Photo Studio Ult 2019

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    Manage Mode > Rt, click on folder > Catalog Files
    I suggest performing this action only on the folder you want to refresh as doing it on a root folder can take a while.


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      I am doing Catalog Files, but it crashes. I first tried my huge directory, then it crashed and I just tried doing one year at a time, it crashed, now I am doing just couple of months. Why does it crash? no specific error, just says it encounter a problem and closes the program.


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        As a reference point, If I need to re-catalog, I usually do one year at a time. This is usually less than 15,000 images. I never had the patience to catalog my entire library at once

        I catalog local files or those mapping on a NAS.

        I had a similar situation once where the catalog process would not complete. Since then, I became diligent with database maintenance. Thus, I would suggest it is worth a try to do some database maintenance before re-cataloging. I would do both of these steps:

        a) Tools > Database > Optimize Database
        b) Tools > Database > Database Maintenance > Database Content > [select_then_remove_orphaned_folders}