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  • OneDrive question

    I am continually getting the notification ""ACDSeeHome2020 is downloading from OneDrive". I don't want it downloading from OneDrive, and I've turned off every (I think!) option that has anything to do with OneDrive in the Tools/Settings section.

    Any thoughts on (1) what ACDSee is doing, and (2) where the heck it's putting these pictures?


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    Hi Keith,

    If you haven't already, try opening Tools > Options > ACDSee Indexer, and unchecking the "Include Microsoft OneDrive" option. Also, if there are currently items in your Face Detection queue, please click Tools > Face Detection > Clear Queue. I think that should take care of everything that could automatically access files in your OneDrive.

    Because of the way OneDrive handles files that are only saved online, if ACDSee scans online files in OneDrive, it will cause OneDrive to download the file to disk and notify you. The notification is a little misleading in that ACDSee isn't downloading anything, it's just trying to scan files that the file system has told it exist. The downloaded files are placed in your OneDrive and neither ACDSee nor OneDrive itself will move them elsewhere. The only way to avoid this situation is to prevent ACDSee from scanning OneDrive files in the first place, by avoiding browsing or searching within that folder and by stopping automatic mechanisms like Indexer from browsing it either.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems


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      ok, thanks - the face detection is the one thing I didn't do. I'll give it a shot - thanks!