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Trialling Multiple Windows of AC

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  • Trialling Multiple Windows of AC

    Many years ago, at times of AC Pro 2 I trialled using AC with two or more windows and found it very buggy . . . unusable.

    After many years I was wondering if it's any better now.
    • So, I start AC Pro 13 and browse a folder in the manage mode.
    • Then I type CTRL-SHIFT-N and open another window.
    • Next, I click a category in this second window and it shows the correct content of the category.
    • And the first windows shows a progress bar that never stops.
    Wow, what a mess, took me just a minute to derail AC.

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    I got four big screens. I tried once to run two instances of ACDSee. Same issue. The bar in the second window or instance of ACDSee will never stop.

    This is something that needs to be resolved. Even better. I would like to have a 'Split Screen'. No need to start ACDSee twice, just add 'Split Screen' to Manage view where you can scroll up and down in two individual screens. Then you would be able to quickly compare thumbnails.


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      Originally posted by mogle View Post
      This is something that needs to be resolved.
      No chance, I bet. They almost never solve old bugs. Perhaps they lost the source code, or more likely there's no one around who understands the code. It would be worth to hire somebody to look in to these glitches; there's quite a number.


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        Originally posted by Emil View Post

        They almost never solve old bugs.
        Old bugs that never get fixed is really bad. It is not a good sign for a software company that wants to grow and take care of their customers. Especially when we take our time, testing, documenting how things can be reproduced. This bug is irritating, but not critical.