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I have lost catagories and ratings info from DATABASE

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  • I have lost catagories and ratings info from DATABASE

    Hello all. I'm kinda a new when it comes to photo/ ACDsee database stuff but a techy. Few questions on what to do next, I have lost categories and ratings info from my ACDsee Pro 4.0 Database. My database is two files (27 gigs and 17 gigs) and they store around 125,000 images.

    I tried to backup the database (ACDsee wanted to create like a 300 gigs file to backup). I am trying to figure how to do these steps:

    1) Recover the orphan files (after searching for a some of the files it seems some of the database points to wrong drive/folders so I am looking on how to re-link them to files that I must have moved outside of ACDsee with Windows Explorer).

    2) Compress the size of the database (I only wanted to keep my organized "self created categories and my ratings" of those categories). I would like to discard most meta data info that I don't use from the database.

    Thanks ! Any help would be great !
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