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Unable to edit face names

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  • Unable to edit face names

    Hope someone can help me with this. Face recognition was working OK, suggestions were made and could be accepted using the green tick mark or rezected using the circular symbol. I could also change names. Now the face box appears with a name but the name appears italicized and does not have either the check mark or the circular symbol. I am unable to change names. Possibly I've changed a setting but I'm damned if I can see what.

    All help gratefully received

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    Hi Mike,

    It sounds to me like you have switched away from the Face tool to one of the other View mode tools (Scroll, Select, or Zoom). The four tools can be found on the bottom toolbar, just above the Filmstrip. The leftmost one is the Face tool. I've attached a screenshot showing their location on the toolbar. The tools can also be selected from the View menu.

    If you want to have another tool selected and still be able to name faces or confirm/reject suggestions, you can open the Face Detection pane from the Panes menu.

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems