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File Manager and embedding keywords

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  • File Manager and embedding keywords


    Is File Manager in Professional identical as in Ultimate ?

    When I embed keywords (using Tools > Metadata > Embed ACDSee metadata) they show in the database, but viewing in EXIF, no keywords are written to the file.

    Am I missing something ?


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    ACDSee metadata is proprietary and not viewable in exif (normally it is stored in the database however when you embed it you are writing the proprietary metadata to the files themselves). To get keywords and other acdsee metadata to be readable in exif you need to create a metadata preset to add them to iptc. Go to Tools > Metadata > Manage Metadata Presets. Create a new preset, navigate to the keywords box in iptc, and click on the arrow to the right. Select Insert Metadata and then expand ACDSee Metadata and check the box next to Keywords. Click ok and save the preset. To run this preset: select the images you want to add the iptc metadata to and then go to the Properties pane and click on the Metadata Presets drop down menu. Select the preset you created and click apply. IMO the way keywords and metadata is handled in ACDSee could be improved and there should be an option for metadata to be embedded as iptc by default.


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      Hi Gavin
      Thank your for your explanation.
      I really like ACDSee FIle Manager, compared to Lightroom, but having many keywords, this approach seems a bit time consuming.

      For the time being, I have adapted Categories instead which works pretty well.

      Thank you again