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  • Photo Studio Pro 2020 Import query

    Well, following up on another recent query under my older 'Ultimate' version, have this new version installed and it does indeed import photos and videos from my iphone XS . . . .

    . . . but not all of them.

    No explanation why not. Simply lists the cryptic apple file names of several MOV, DNG, and MP4 files that it was unable to import.

    New to this current version as of this evening, does it simply not import these file types? If not, what mechanism available to determine why it wouldn't import them?

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    I'm stumped. . .

    Still have the above issue, but another more puzzling one has arisen. I have several years of photos from my iphone that are in subdirectories identical in structure to other photos in my collection. The software shows these subdirectories, but with an odd icon and presentation in the "Manage" tab. Trying to open/view, I get a popup telling me that the files cant be found and either the photos have been moved or deleted or on a disconnected drive . . . neither of which is true . . . . they are right where they are and open well in ACDSee Pro Ultimate 9 and windows explorer.

    Losing interest fast in this version after years of use of acdsee products for DAM. Unless an easy answer to this, I'm not in the mood to f about with this . . . .


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      Hmmmm . . . . looking at the 'Properties' pane when choosing one of those older subdirectories, they are being recognized by the folder as a 'File'!? WTH???

      That also explains in part why, when I click to open the folder to view within ACDSee, it actually opens the subdirectory in windows explorer. Which continues to be odd as in there the files are present and if I click on say (for example) a JPG and hope to have it open in ACDSee, the software gives me the above popup that the file cant be view because moved/deleted or disconnected network drive . . . . again, neither of which are true.

      What a mess . . . . . . . Might be the first time I ever ask for my money back for a piece of software . . . . .


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        Hi Minburn1,

        Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. I will create a support ticket and contact you to troubleshoot the problem.


        ACDSee Customer Care


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          Hi James . . . . . an update due from me . . . . . with a better status at my end

          So, with opening the program this a.m., those odd 'Icons' in the 'Manage' view now present as the remainder of the view of the photo subdirectories and indeed . . . allow me to view the photo and video files. I did nothing other than shut down the program last night and throwing my hands in the air as to what might be going on. But today they function as they should.

          So I don't know . . . given it wasn't running overnight, perhaps needed multiple close/open before they all became . . . . well , whatever proper function is called?

          So that leaves only those odd files that weren't imported but that I could view on the phone so no corruption at source. At some point I do want to see how some of those iphone photos and videos werent imported as they are file types that were successfully imported in that total batch that I put through.

          Thanks for your timely response in this . . . . I honestly wasn't expecting that . . .


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            Hi Minburn1,

            Glad to know that you have the photo sub-directory and thumbnails issues sorted out.

            For those odd files that cannot be viewed in ACDSee, can you transfer such files via windows file explorer and check if they can be opened and viewed in Windows photo app and in ACDSee ? You can reply to my support email with one or two sample files so I can look into this for you.