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  • Viewing DNG Files

    I do a fair amount of macro photo stacking and I am finding that ACDsee Pro is not able to display the DNG files correctly. The thumbs appear okay, but when I try ti view them at 100%, ACDsee is not resolving them. They remain fuzzy and unsharp. Is this a known issue with ACDsee Pro? Is there anyway to get it to resolve and view DNG files correctly?


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    Is the preview mode set to embedded preview (switch in lower right corner)? If so try switching it to raw decode to see if it is showing the full size image (note: the raw decode option is not availble on ACDSee home version). By default ACDSee shows the embedded preview in the DNG files (faster) vs generating a raw preview. The fuzziness could be caused by the DNG embedded jpeg not being full resolution.


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      Thanks very much for the reply Gavin. You are probably right, but I cannot find anywhere to see if it is set at "embedded preview" or anywhere to change it to "raw decode". There is nothing I can see in the lower right corner for this and I cannot find it in the menus?


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        Okay, I went into the help menus and found that it is under the General section in Tools > Options. I set it to RAW Decode and you were correct. It takes a few seconds, but they do now display correctly. Thanks very much for the help.


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          You can switch it from the embedded to the raw decode on the fly when in view mode (not in full screen). Sorry if I didn't make that very clear before.