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  • Help - New Computer, New ACDSee Version

    Please be patient with me. For 16 years I was "THAT mom", taking photos (in MULTIPLES) of each breath and step taken by my now teenage kids. I now find myself with tens of thousands of photos - a large number of which can reasonably be deleted. I've tried get a handle on things by culling through them over the years, but I need to move on for now and tackle the challenge at hand - moving my ACDSEE database to an updated vesion and to a new computer.

    I've been reading various posts and articles on subject of moving to new computers and software versions but I can't seem to piece together the process for my specific situation.
    Here are some details:

    1. My old PC is running ACDSee Pro 7. I have not yet installed ACDSee on my new computer.
    2. When I install to the new computer, it will be the upgraded version Pro 2020.
    3. None of my photos reside on my old laptop. They are all stored across several external hard drives, where they will remain. All of these photos had been assigned keywords in Pro 7 and most, but NOT ALL, had been embedded. I have so many photos that going back and locating and embedding the metadata into those files has been too much for my old computer, so I'm saving that task for another time.

    So... I want to be able to transfer all of my custom keywords to my upgraded Pro 2020 on the new computer and ensure that I can still use them to access my photos stored on my external hard drives as I was able to do with the old computer.


    1. Is it true that my keywords and photo locations are contained in the Database? If so, am essentially just exporting/importing my database? And if that's the case, how is that done?
    2. For the photos that I did NOT embed metadata - will those photos lose associated keywords and will they be unable to be located once I'm on the new computer? (**I was always under the impression that as long as photo movement and management took place within ACDSee (and not in Explorer), then matadata would be retained. Is this not true in this case?)
    3. My new and old computers are connected to the same network, but my external hard drives are standalone and not connected to the network. Does this configuration need to change in order to make the move to the new computer?

    I would appreciate any guidance you can offer. Thanks so much!

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    I too have the same problem, pictures on external hard drives, but mine are just in folders, not previously catalogued in ACDSee.
    I will follow this thread with great interest.