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  • Quick search quirks

    This one is very old and I'm astonished to see that no one ever addressed it:

    AC 2020 (Build 1419), 160,000 items catalogued, db optimized, no orphans, all items searched for are existing filenamesClick image for larger version  Name:	Unbenannt-1.png Views:	1 Size:	54.7 KB ID:	53310
    • As you see AC quick searches for every item individually; searches for five items take five times as long as searches for just one item.
    • Searches continue after being aborted (E.g by selecting an folder or category). There's no hint that quick search is still running in background.
    • Invoking a new quick search will start a new search but not stop the first.
    • Terminating the program will not stop the first search the program remains running in background
    • Restarting the program will open another instance.

    Uaaah! How much time do I have until it's going to crash? Hmm, I must kill the process in process manager anyway, there's no other way; which is a crash too.

    Seems there's a tomb named "ACDSee" on the "Isle of Death".

    BTW. In case you can't read the text in the image use context menu to view it in full size

    Screenshot replaced by an upload to this forum
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    There is at least two of us that can't post images anymore in the forum. I have had this problem for years. I went through the clear browser cache, try different computer try different browser troubleshooting suggestion to humor the support team... In the end, I am fairly certain it is becasue I have too much space taken with existing posts.... Users have no way to delete them.

    I did not know the Quick Search left hanging threads. Augh...
    I didn't even think of looking for that. and, it survives a restart of ACD... Yikes. I wonder if that has also led to the locked file people have shared. Misbehaving applications should not require a machine reboot in 2020. This is spooky. ADmittedly, I use the standard search more frequently than the quick search. Maybe the standard search doesn't have the same issue??

    I certainly know about the search response time.


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      Hi Gus and Emil,

      The posting images on the forum works for me.

      Here is the an example:

      Click image for larger version  Name:	1Capture.PNG Views:	0 Size:	883.0 KB ID:	53272

      Can you try again, perhaps with a different browser ?


      ACDSee Customer Care


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        Tried again, failed.

        Message is something close to being "over disk quota".. This is the same message I have had for years. Across multiple browsers, across multiple computers, using new browsers, using old browsers, using a new browser (IE, Edge, Vivaldi, Chrome, safari, Opera) on a fresh OS. Using Android, Apple, and Win10.

        It is not on my side. Maybe the disk quota message returned from the forum may help point to the source?

        I would be happy to delete any images that I may have posted in the forum, but I have never found a way to do that.


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          Post moved to this thread. It was OT here. Back to the actual topic please.
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