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Lock Up - Freeze right after start - ACDsee Pro 20

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  • Lock Up - Freeze right after start - ACDsee Pro 20

    ACDSee Pro 2020 was working, and I think it might be due to the recent update from MS to the new 1909 version .

    Nothing I do seems to be able to get it working.

    I'm running a 32 Core Threadripper with 64GB of RAM and an eVGA 2080Ti

    Otherwise, all of my other applications are running fine.

    I've done a full deinstall and tried to reinstall from both the web installer as well as the full installer.


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    Hi GuitarToys (interesting name) - 1909 and ACDSee work fine on my system. So, my guess is that 1909 is probably not your problem. Your post only says that you "can't get it working". That's pretty vague. Can you spell out in a bit more detail exactly what's going on? For example: Is it locking up? Is it crashing? Etc., etc.

    I just saw that your problem description was in your title, not in the message. So, next question....Is your "locked-up" ACDSee actually running? Is it in a loop? Easy to find out. Launch the Windows Task Manager, and check the tab labeled Processes. If your ACD is running (CPU % active), it may be in a loop on either (a.) a corrupt image in the startup folder, or (b.) corruption in your database. Post back after your have checked this out.
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