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moving photos from old nas to new nas

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  • moving photos from old nas to new nas


    I'm going to be buying a new nas storage and I will have to move my photos to the new disk/device. Will my database still run and identify the photos in the new location or do i need to do something special in order for the photos and metadata to be recognized/applied? I'm guessing that my drive map location address needs to be the same? Has anyone experience with this before?



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    It does not need to be the same

    In the past, >>after making a copy of images on the newer NAS<<, I've used "Change bindings"
    Tools > Database > Database Maintenance > [ACD_checks_the_db_for_a_while] > Change Binding (lower right hand corner)

    This allows you to move the pointer from your old NAS (drive letter/folder) to a new location.


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      ok great thanks! So as long as the catalog structure and photos are the same then it should work. My plan is to simply copy everything to the new nas and then replace the old nas with the new nas and use the same ip and drive letter. I'll open the acdsee, loading the database, I was hoping that it would just work fine but if not then i should be able to change bindings and acdsee should be happy : ) i hope.


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        I'm also planning upgrading from pro to ultimate, but i'm guessing it's smartest to do that after the nas has been migrated, or would it be smarter to do that before?


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          i like "one-thing-at-a-time" just in case something breaks and needs troubleshooting

          I guess I would also recommend keeping the old NAS exactly the way it is (but offline) for a week or so.... to make sure there aren't any hiccups.
          (I haven't had any issues, but it is always good to have a fall back!)

          I would also make sure that all metadata is embedded before starting the process. This way, if things go really south, you still have a way to re-catalog without loosing any edits.