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  • Crash Bang Wallop I've lost my picture

    When I try to rename a group of files using a template it starts of fine, the Renaming dialogue appears, I select my template, I click rename and then........ACDSee freezes for a few seconds and then crashes without a word leaving behind one file from the group with a .tmp extension. I rename the extension and my file is still there but all develop adjustments have dissapeared. I have optimised the database and restarted my computer and ACDSee but it always ends the same way! While I am in complaint mode every now and again when running ACDSee it runs like a dog making any operations imposible. When it does this I am seriously concerned about my hard drives integrity! I bought ACDSee as a replacment for Lightroom (never crashed once and ran like a dream) because I did not want to pay a monthly subscription. Now I am thinking it might well be worth biting that bullet, for my sanity and the integrity of my hard disk!

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    Hi munroman,

    Sorry to learn that you encountered the problem when running batch rename. Please let us know the following:

    - Once you renamed that tmp file, did you choose the exact same file name and extension?
    - What is the file format, e.g JPG or RAW file ?
    - Do you also see the sidecar xmp file in the same folder or in the [Originals] sub-folder? For JPG, the sidecar file xmp after image being developed is shown in the [Originals] folder; for RAW file, it is located in that same folder where the RAW file is stored.

    To show the hidden files and folder and xmp files, you can click View | Filter By | Advance filters and then turn on "Show hidden files and folders " and show "XMP files"

    Click image for larger version

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    We also received your support ticket, I will follow up and set up a meeting with you to look into the crash and performance issue.


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