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move images to other intern harddrive problems

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  • move images to other intern harddrive problems

    My old intern hd was a harddrive and i change it with a 4 TB SSD drive. I have many images over the year several thousands. what can i do so i can use the catalog and click on thumbnails to see the big images. Is there a way i can fake the serial number on my new drive so acdsee is happy and show me the images ?. i have currently 2021 demo and my 2018 pro but problem is same. when i click on a image in catalog come a message that i should insert drive with serial id of the old
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    Hi user4711,

    Before doing any database work, I would always recommend that you make a backup of your database.

    You can use Tools > Database > Database Maintenance to remap your images' location on your old hard drive to the new location. In the Database Maintenance dialog, find your old drive's root image folder, select it, and then use the Change Binding command. Choose to remap to the same root folder on your new drive. You can find more information here:

    Tristan H.
    ACD Systems